Her Plastic-Free Adventure

My plastic-free journey started just a few short months ago, around March 2020 when the pandemic made people shop like crazy, and toilet roll and soap became luxury items that you’d be hard pressed to find sitting on the shelf at your local supermarket. It was at this point I decided that instead of braving the packed isles (with people, not products) I was going to dig out all the bars of soap I’d received in random subscription boxes that I’d never got around to using, but for some reason couldn’t bring myself to throw away. After a couple of days of ‘this soap feels weird’ I started to think, I like bar soap better than liquid – and then after a couple of weeks when my hands felt noticeably softer, I fell in love. I was never going back to liquid soap!

Que me heading to the internet to search for places where I could get more of this incredible little bar, which is where I stumbled on plastic free eCommerce sites that offered products and packaging that didn’t contain any plastic. ‘Huh, that’s a neat idea’ I thought, and on I went with lock-down life. Now because of my recent searches and the websites I’d browsed, good ol’ Instagram thought it’d share some similar products with me, and while I was definitely now more aware of the amount of single use plastic in my home, I wasn’t completely swayed to the plastic free life, so these adverts went mostly ignored.

A couple months pass and late one night as I’m mindlessly browsing through Instagram one of the adverts finally grabs my attention. DAME. A company who not only offer organic cotton tampons with no toxins and no plastics (I didn’t even know my tampons contained plastic!) but also created the (Award-Winning) first ever reusable tampon applicator. They seemed to really care about the planet, people and came across as a very open and honest company that truly wants to make a difference. After reading through their website and taking their Waste Calculator test I was horrified to discover how much plastic my period was contributing to landfill. I decided to make the switch then and there and went in search of more ways I could cut single-use plastic from my life and do my bit for the planet.

I am still incredibly new at attempting to live a more single-use plastic free life and would only say it’s been since May 2020 that I really started to make big changes. I hope that maybe I can inspire you to make one or two simple yet important changes, even if it’s just from liquid soap to bar soap (that’s one less single-use plastic heading to landfill) but if not that’s okay for now. In the plastic-free section of my blog I’ll be reviewing products that could potentially replace single-use plastic items that I’m trying out, having discussions and hopefully bringing you some tips and tricks I learn along the way. I hope you stick around and follow me on this adventure!

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