Let’s Chat – Reading Slumps

  Probably a book blogger/book lover's worst nightmare (apart from cracked spines and dog-eared pages) are reading slumps. There's nothing worse than staring at your ridiculously large TBR pile and coming to the sad conclusion that, while you really want to read, you just... can't seem to pick one up and get stuck in. None of… Continue reading Let’s Chat – Reading Slumps

Let’s Chat – Keeping Up With Blogging and Life

Hey there Adventurers! Welcome to another discussion post, so today we're talking about the struggles of being a blogger when life kind of just gets in the way, tips on how to keep blogging even when you're struggling to find the time and how I personally fail miserably at doing all of the above! So… Continue reading Let’s Chat – Keeping Up With Blogging and Life

Yearly TBR – How I’m Doing So Far. Spoiler – It’s Not Good.

Hello Adventurers! (I'm thinking of calling my awesome followers 'Adventurers' since my blog is Her Paper Adventure, what do you think? Too much or?) At the start of the year I set myself a TBR that was a little different from usual, I decided to try a TBR that lasted for the whole year since… Continue reading Yearly TBR – How I’m Doing So Far. Spoiler – It’s Not Good.