Reasons Why I Love Reading

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means? Time for another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Head on over to find out how to join in and what next weeks topic will be!

This Tuesday we’re talking about the reasons why we love to read. Here are some of mine!

Escaping The ‘Real World’…

Probably the reason why I’m drawn to fantasy so much and don’t read certain genres is because I read to get away from the real world, and to be transported to one of magic and infinite possibilities!

The Bookish Community…

I have found that the majority of the Bookish communities, whether it’s Bookstagram, Book Blogging or whatever, are so welcoming and nice. I love the bookish communities I’m lucky to be a part of and it feels amazing to find people just as passionate and nerdy about books as I am. I’ve met some really awesome people through my book loving journey and always look forward to talking to you lovely lot!


I’m not sure why, exactly, but since I started reading I feel like I’ve become a much more empathetic, thoughtful person. I think more before I speak and act and generally feel like reading has made me a better person overall.


The Young Adult Lit Con is SO MUCH FUN! If you ever have a chance to go, even if it’s alone, then do it! You’ll be in a room with people just like you, so hopefully you won’t feel or be alone for very long. I’ve been lucky enough to go a couple of times and getting to meet bookstagram friends in real life, meeting authors and making connections with publishers is such a fun experience!


Reading is my safe place. It brings me comfort and happiness, it’s what I do when I need to escape, feel a bit meh or just need a bit of me time.

And there we have it. Honestly coming up with 5 decent reasons that weren’t just ‘because I do? Idk’ was pretty hard. I’d have been here all day if I had to pick 10!

Why do you love reading? Are there any on my little list that are reasons you love to read?

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