Wrap Up | September ‘18

Hi friends! Today I’m brining you my wrap up for the month of September. It was a bit of a slow reading month for me unfortunately, but I hope to change that this month! Also not much happened in the ‘life’ section, just work really, which is why there isn’t much in that section haha!


I GOT A FREAKING ARC OF PRIORY OH MY GOD! I CAN DIE HAPPY (once I’ve read it, of course). I just had to stick that here because I’m actually so amazed I got one, I wasn’t expecting it at all!

Grace and Fury – Tracey Banghart

Rating: ★★★★

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – Jenny Han

Rating: ★★★.5

I much preferred movie peter, I thought he came across as a real ass in the books, anyone else?

Warcross – Marie Lu

Rating: ★★★★I originally gave this one 5 starts when I’d finished but after some time I changed it to 4. A couple of plot twists were pretty easy to work out which is a little annoying but I don’t think it took too much away from the book, I still really enjoyed it even though I’d guessed some things.


I didn’t start any new TV shows in September, I haven’t technically finished Once Upon A Time, but I’m not sure how I feel about season 7 to be honest, it’s got none of my faves in!

I watched TATBILB before reading the books, because it was there and everyone was saying how amazing it was, that’s what made me actually buy the books, I wanted more of Lara Jean and Kavinsky because I loved them so much! It’s a shame I find book Peter to be a bit of an ass. I also really want to watch A Discovery of Witches, but I haven’t read those books yet either! Have you watched it without reading the books? I’m thinking of just starting it, I can always read the books after season one if I love it!


So waaaay back in May my other half and I put an offer in for our first place together, and we’re still not in yet. It’s so frustrating and I know I’m lucky to even be buying my own place, but when you’ve pretty much designed and decorated every room in your head, bought tons of stuff for it and then months later you’re still not moved in.. well.. it’s bloody frustrating! I really hope we manage to get in before Christmas or I may actually cry. I’ve envisioned this magical, cozy Christmas in our first home together.

How’s your month been?

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