Top Ten Tuesday – Hidden Gems

Good afternoon friends! I’m attempting some more TTT posts, I must admit I’m being a little ambitious right now with my blog, I’m very busy outside of blogging and keeping a blogging schedule is so hard at the moment. I’ll keep trying to post my TTT’s but these really do take so much time, so I may miss a few!

Now onto todays post, Hidden Gems! I always look forward to a post like this. I love to help people discover books they may not otherwise have known about, but most of all I love when someone falls in love with a book I adore so they can feel all the feels and we can fangirl together, it’s a truly beautiful thing.


BAS Blood and Sand – C.V. Wyk

I wouldn’t say this book is anything ridiculously special, it’s not that different to many other YA fantasy books out there, but something about Blood and Sand had me hooked pretty much from the get go. I think a huge part of it was that I really loved the characters and the ending was a huge heart breaker. I gave this one 5 stars for those reasons and would love more people to find (and hopefully love) this book!

chasethedarkChase the Dark – Annette Marie

There’s only one other person I have ever seen reading/talking/posting about these books, it was a bookstagrammer I follow (can’t remember exactly who) but I screeched when I saw they were reading this series. No one I’ve talked to has any idea this series exists and they totally should. You can thank me later!


ryleeadamson.jpg Priceless – Shannon Mayer

If there is one book/series you plan to take away from this post and give a chance to, please let it be this one! One of my absolute favourite series and I cant get over how underhyped and unknown it is! Go check it out, promise you wont regret it!


25756018Twelve Kings – Bradley P. Beaulieu

Yet another book/series I never see anyone talk about! I loved Twelve Kings, and have the next two books in the series that I can’t wait to read. They’re all pretty thick books but if you love fantasy/epic fantasy you’ll hopefully love these!



crashalive Crash Alive – Christopher Kerns

I can’t remember how I stumbled across this gem, I think I was browsing Goodreads and just came across it, and I was not disappointed! It’s a YA thriller/mystery about a hacker and an unsolvable puzzle, and don’t worry, I have zero hacking knowledge and could still keep up with/understand everything!




And that’s a wrap. I looked through my shelves and Goodreads ‘read’ shelf but couldn’t find any more hidden gems!

Have you read any books on my list? Are any of these already on your TBR?


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