Let’s Chat – Annotating Books

Hello Friends!

Today I thought it would be nice to have a discussion on annotating books, this is something I’ve recently been really wanting to try. In the past  I’ve used sticky tabs and while they’re really good to use if you don’t want to write in your books, I find that when I go back through a book I’ve used sticky tabs in, it shows me what I used the tab for (quote etc) but not why. When I go back to re-read a book I think it would be pretty awesome to see why exactly I highlighted a specific quote, what was it about that quote that spoke to me when I first read the book? And does it feel the same now, years or months later? You just don’t get that with tabs. But… and this is the whole reason I haven’t yet made the plunge to annotate my books, I like my books to be perfect. I’m at a stalemate with myself here, I’d love to jot down my thoughts in the book but I’m kind of terrified.

There are so many ways to annotate your books, here are just some of the ways you can make your books a little more personal or a way to annotate without defacing your book –

🍂 Sticky Tabs – These are colourful little transparent tabs that you stick in your books, they’re generally quite slim and stick out the side of your book and they’re removable, you can assign a colour to a certain thing, for example pink for quotes, purple for earth shattering moments and so on. Some tabs do have a little bit of space for you to write on, but they tend to not have much room at all.

🍂 Sticky Notes/Post-it Notes – I think we all know what Post-it Notes are, probably, but in case you’re clueless these are pretty much like sticky tabs, but much bigger, giving you room to actually write on. Now I would imagine that when you go back to re-read your book, you’d have to remove the Post-it to read the page, because these aren’t transparent and can be quite big, which would lead me to believe they’d probably lose their stickiness eventually. I do like the idea of using Post-it notes though, it gives you the freedom to explain why you chose that specific quote without physically writing in your book.

🍂 Highlighting/Writing – The one I’m terrified to do, but want to do most. While searching for ways to annotate and how to do it neatly I’ve come across a few blog posts from people who do put pen to paper when it comes to their books and the freedom it gives them makes me envious. By highlighting quotes and adding a little note in the margin explaining why they highlighted that specific part, or to jotting down notes here and there, wherever space allows, they’ve all said it makes the book more personal to them, and I get it, I can definitely see how it would.

🍂 Notepad – I know tons of book bloggers that carry a notepad with them to keep track of everything going on in their current read. A dedicated book review notepad is a brilliant idea, you have the space you need to put all your thoughts down and they’re incredibly helpful when it comes to book reviews. I have tried doing this before for that exact reason, but alas, it wasn’t for me, I always forgot it was there and didn’t use it.

🍂 BuJo Spread – I love this one, if you love doing your bullet journal you can just create bookish spreads for your current reads. This one is pretty challenging to do before or while reading though, I personally like to create a BuJo spread for books I’ve finished reading, then I can make it perfect :D. It’s also pretty time consuming, or at least it was for me, I suppose it would entirely depend on how creative you like to get with your spreads.

For me, I really want to take that huge step to actually highlighting and writing in my books, I’ve tried a few different ways to track favourite parts and quotes and ways to make writing reviews a little easier, but none of those have stuck with me so far. Maybe I’ll try writing in a book I have two copies of, there’s a few books I have both paperback and hardback copies, so trying it in the paperback seems like a pretty good place to start.

How about you, would you ever annotate your books?
If you know of any other ways to annotate your books, or there’s a certain way you do it that you love, definitely let me know in the comments! 


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