Top Ten Tuesday // New To Me Authors I Read In 2017

Hi, hello, time for another Top Ten Tuesday! This week we’re looking at authors that were new to me in 2017. There’s actually quite a few authors that were new to me last year, which is surprising! For once I’ve struggled to whittle down the number of entries on my list, usually I have trouble finding them. Anyway, these here are the authors that stood out to me last year.

Erin Bowman

The first and only book I’ve read (so far) of Erin’s is Vengeance Road, it’s probably the prettiest book on my shelves and it’s companion novel, Retribution Rails, (which I own but still need to read) is no different. But Erin didn’t make the top ten list simply because her books have pretty covers, the stories inside (well, story, I have only read one) blew me away, I loved how gritty and real it felt.

Pierce Brown

The author of THE RED RISING SERIES! I never knew about this guy until this year, had no clue his books would be so fantastic they’d completely shake up my top five favourite series of all time list. If you haven’t started this series yet for whatever reason I seriously urge you to pick it up, you won’t regret it!

Susan Dennard

Susan wrote Truthwitch, which makes her the author of probably one of my favourite female friendships! Safiya and Iseult are such incredible characters and their friendship and sisterly love was amazing to see, I think in a lot of YA we don’t really see many female friendships!

Stephanie Garber

The author of Caravala magical, mystical story that has you guessing every chapter. After the end of Caraval I really wondered where Stephanie Garber could take the second book. Now that it has a name, Legendary, and a cover (if you’re in the US/buying the US edition), I’m very excited to find out just where this one will go!

Erin Morgenstern

Although The Night Circus was not my favourite book of 2017, I do have to admit it is definitely a book that wowed me, the incredibly beautiful writing and the world building we’re second to none. While reading this book I felt like I was actually exactly where was being described, eating exactly what the characters were eating, it truly is a beautiful book (even if I was confused for most of it).

Samantha Shannon

Samantha Shannon wrote (and is still writing) The Bone Season series and I honestly think these books are so under hyped. I never really see many people talk about them and I’m just, I don’t know how!? I can only assume that people don’t know about them? Because they’re so damn good.

Colleen Hoover

My first Colleen Hoover book was November 9 and I only read it because I’d finished the book I had taken with me to work and needed something else to read, so I was talking to a friend and she was like “hey, I have some books I can send you,” so I thought great, I will have something to read, picked November 9, couldn’t put it down. It was so good. There’s so much hype surrounding Colleen and all her books that I just never bothered to pick one up (I get a bit like that with hyped authors/books). I’ve also read It Ends With US, and that was so, so, so good.

Neil Gaiman

I do actually own two (I believe) Neil Gaiman books, but I’ve only read one and that was Norse Mythology. I really enjoyed it but I feel like I’m still not ready to take on Gaiman’s other book I own, American Gods, that thing is pretty big and I’m just not there yet, maybe one day!

Brandon Sanderson

I buddy read Sanderson’s Mistborn series with a friends from Bookstagram, well I said I ‘buddy read‘ I’m actually still reading them because they’re huge, absolutely massive. I read the first two books, The Final Empire and The Well of Ascensionin 2017 and plan to continue the series this year, I own the rest of the Mistborn books so I can just get to them whenever I’m ready!

J.K. Rowling

Okay, obviously I know/knew who J.K. was before picking up the first Harry Potter book, who doesn’t? But I’d never read anything of hers before (I have, of course, seen the films), I’ve only read the first HP book but I enjoyed it and will be continuing on with the series, I think because I know what’s going to happen I don’t have as much of an urgency to binge read them.

There we have my TTT for this week, thank you for checking out my post! Tell me, what authors were new to you last year? And what was it about them/their book that stood out for you?

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday // New To Me Authors I Read In 2017”

  1. JK Rowling was also new to me in 2017!!!! growing up no one at my school was into it to make me interested, and I was obsessed with Roald Dahl, so college is now my Harry time. It’s better this way, though, because I feel like I can emotionally appreciate it on a new level<3


  2. I read the bone season years ago now and I still remember how I absolutely loved the world that was created. Seriously thought the first this if the book was freaking amazing and then….. Stockholm syndrome much? I’m still really annoyed that it went down the romance route rather than playing up to the amazing underground London gang vibe it started with.

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  3. Ive heard so much about Truthwitch – must check it out sometime! I love the Bone Season as well, but never picked up book 2 of the series. It’s actually really good and so underrated!

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    1. Yes definitely do! I love literally all the characters in Truthwitch, even the villains! Okay maybe not all the villains but the main one is awesome 😂. The characters are amazing though! Hope you like it. The Bone Season became and instant favourite of mine after the first book, I don’t understand why it’s so underrated? 🤷🏼‍♀️

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  4. There are so many differences in the Harry Potter books that make them worth the read. I’ve read the series completely like 3 times at least. I’m biased though because I was lucky enough to have started reading them before the movies were made (lucky, or that just makes me old). Anyway, I totally agree with you about The Night Circus. It wasn’t my favorite book, but the writing was so magical.

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