Top Ten Tuesday // Books I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On In 2018!

Welcome book lovers, to another (late) round of TTT! This week we’re talking about the books we can’t wait to read in 2018, I have some books I’ve already pre ordered that I’m super excited for and then many I’m equally excited for but haven’t pre ordered yet, so lets take a look at the books I can’t wait to get my hands on!


Iron Gold

*Squeals in excitement* I. CAN. NOT. WAIT! I’ve pre ordered the Waterstones edition, with sprayed edges and it’s signed! I’m so excited for the day this book arrives and I can hold it in my hand!


Very excited to read this novella from the Truthwitch series, it’s illustrated and told through journal entries and sketches! I’ve already pre ordered this one and just can’t wait!

Batman: Nightwalker

Another 2018 release I believe I’ve pre ordered, you know you have a problem with buying books when you can’t even remember what you’ve ordered! Oh well I absolutely adored Wonder Woman: Warbringer and I hope I’m going to love this one just as much!

A Reaper at the Gates

Ohh I am so excited, I’ve been waiting for this one for what feels like forever! I am going to have to buy the first and second books in the new covers so they all match, because there’s nothing I hate more than covers that don’t match, but I don’t even care, they’re beautiful!


Who loved Caraval? *Screams* ME! Who’s excited for the next book? *Screams* ME, ME! Who’s going to pre order Legendary? *Whispers* this will break my book buying ban.. But.. *Screams* ME, ME, MEEEE!

Daughter of the Siren Queen

THIS BOOK IS ABOUT PIRATES! If you haven’t read Daughter of the Pirate King then go and do it right now, once you’re done, go ahead and pre order Daughter of the Siren Queen, because you’re going to love it and need this book as soon as humanly possible.

That’s all for today’s TTT (because it’s super duper late and I needed to make it quick haha). There are so, so many more books that should be on this list! What books can you not wait to get your hands on in 2018?




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