50 Day Bookish Challenge | Day 1

I found this awesome little challenge on Erika’s blog and really wanted to take part! I’m sure they have all finished now, as it started a few month ago, but it looks fun so why not? If you want to get involved too, all of the questions for the 50 days are here!

So, my understanding is that each day you answer the question for that day and that’s it! It’s a great way to post daily even if you don’t have time to get huge blog post together and this will defintely help me with my 2018 Reading/Blogging Goals. I’ll be starting this today (28th Dec 2017) and it will end 16th Feb, if my math is correct, which is unlikely.


What book did you last read?

Geekerella by Ashley Poston. It was a light, fun read and I really enjoyed it, rated it 4/5 stars!

What about you? What was your last read?


10 thoughts on “50 Day Bookish Challenge | Day 1”

    1. That would be awesome! I’ve changed a few of the questions to fit more into the time I’m doing them! (There’s one like how many books have you read this year and it’s 10 Days unto Jan) so if you want I can send you the changes? It’ll be nice to have someone joining me!

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