2018 Reading/Blogging Goals

Hello friends, with 2018 fast approaching I think it’s probably time I decided on some goals for the new year. I’m normally not particularly a ‘goal setter’ kind of person, I kind of just do whatever, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to have some goals, right? And it might actually help with keeping me a little organised if I have some things to work towards!

These goals are going to be based around reading, blogging and reviewing mainly, but I may add in some random things that will help with managing the goals I set.

Blogging Goals

Be more active. This is an important one, I really want to be more active in the blogging community as a whole, so not just being active on my own blog, but becoming part of the community and checking out other blogs more!

Post at least one book review a month! I’m a busy person, I work full time, I’ve just started my own business and I also want to read every free moment I can, so reviews rarely happen anymore. I’d like to change this in 2018. I really want to get back into reviewing and talking about books more often, so I’m starting out with at least one review per month and hopefully working my way up to more!

Post more often and make it unique. As I mentioned, I’m a busy person, but I’m also a procrastinator which is a recipe for disaster when I have things I really need to get done (like blog posts). I hope in 2018 to be able to post more often on my blog, even if it’s not a giant post that takes ages to put together, just so I’m not dropping off and disappearing for weeks/months. And I’m going to try my absolute hardest to make my content unique and original!


Attempt to be on at least one publishers blogger list. I wasn’t sure if I should put this one up but to be honest, who doesn’t love ARC’s? And this is something I’d love to accomplish! I never started blogging for ARC’s and I don’t blog for ARC’s now either, almost all the books I read are bought by myself or some come from Netgalley, but it would be amazing to have early access to some of the books I’m so excited for!

My blog is a beautiful place and I should be proud of it. I always worry my blog doesn’t look as nice as others, or my content isn’t as good, etc. I think we can all get a little like that sometimes, but my hope is that if I put in the work and stick to my 2018 goals, I will start to believe that my blog is a beautiful place and I’ll be proud of my little corner of the internet! (Not that I’m not proud of it at all, I just don’t post/interact/look after my little blog enough!)

Reading Goals

Review more of the books I read! So this reading goal kind of links in with one of my blogging goals. In 2018 I want to review more of the books I read.

Stop buying so many damn books. I have tons of books on my shelves that I’m yet to read, there’s around 80-100 books (some that have been on my shelf for well over a year) and still, I buy more. It’s an actual problem *cries*. So one of my 2018 reading goals is to stop buying so many bloody books just for the sake of buying them. Which brings us nicely to my next reading goal…

e47e67ad-f40b-4dfd-a78c-35c14c4de358You MUST read at least 5 books that you already own before you buy a new book. I thought this would be a good one to help with my uncontrollable TBR and not spending so much money. Each time I want a new book (unless it’s a book I must have) I have to wait until I’ve read five books from my TBR shelf.

Reach my 2018 Goodreads goal. For the last TWO DAMN YEARS I’ve missed out on hitting my Goodreads reading goal, it’s not the end of the world but I remember absolutely smashing it the first year I did it and now I get so close but never achieve it *sobs*. So in 2018, I’m setting myself a goal of 60 books and not only do I plan to achieve this goal, but I plan to smash it out the park *cheers*.

Read more books from Netgally. Since I wont be buying as many books next year and plan to make a significant dent in my TBR pile, I’ll be needing to use Netgalley for those books I’m dying to get my greedy little hands on! (p.s Jordan, actually read and review the books you request from Netgally yeah?!)

If all goes to plan and I manage to pull these goals off I’ll be very happy! I’ll be doing a mid year catch up post on how I’m getting on but for now, what do you think of my goals for 2018? Have I maybe gone a little overboard/ambitious?


14 thoughts on “2018 Reading/Blogging Goals”

  1. […] released in 2018, rather than books I already own… This is going to hugely screw with my 2018 Reading/Blogging Goals but I’m so excited for so many of these books!! I plan to have a catch up post after the […]


  2. Good luck on the only buying a book after five. Haha. I’d never manage that!
    I always set my goodreads goal low enough so that I know I can reach it. Always feels good to smash it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I just posted my 2018 Bookish Resolutions and I forgot to make ‘reviewing more of the books I read’ one of my goals for 2018. But I’m gonna try to make it happen. I think reviewing more books is a great goal to have and I hope you can accomplish it.

    Honestly, you have so many amazing goals for 2018 and I hope you accomplish all of them!

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    1. Oh I’ll have to go check your 2018 Resolutions out! Thank you so much, reviewing books is a lot of work and we all put so much effort into each post/review we do, sometimes I either don’t have the time or just procrastinate! But I’m hoping to change that 😀

      Thank you! I hope I can accomplish them all too, honestly though I’ll be happy if I can accomplish half of them haha!

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