Down The TBR Hole | 4

Helloooo, ready for another down the TBR hole post? Of course you are!! As always, you can see my first down the TBR hole post to see how to take part and of course, thanks to Lost In A Story for creating this one!

So, this is my fourth down the TBR hole post, I’ve gone through thirty five books so far, I’ve removed quite a few and also kept a bunch, I’m about to make the total books I’ve relooked at, and given my verdict on, forty five! Woohoo! Only like, two hundred or so more to go…


Dark Heart of Magic (Black Blade #2)

dark heartI feel like this down the TBR hole post is going to have a lot of books like this, second or third books in a series I have abandoned and can’t remember anything about… Oh well, it’ll be a good way to clear my TBR list anyway! This is obviously one of said books.

Verdict? Remove.


The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

the distI’ve only ever attempted one book written by E. Lockhart and that is We Were Liars, I say attempted because I still haven’t actually finished that book, after three separate attempts to read it. So, the real question is, am I going to enjoy this book? Is it me, or is it E. Lockhart why I just can not seem to get past the halfway mark on We Were Liars?!

Verdict? Remove.


Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1)

magic bitesI’ve heard literally only good things about this series! And I’ve tried to read it, I really have, but I just couldn’t finish this book and I have no idea why because I definitely remember enjoying it while reading it!! Unfortunately for this book, my TBR is currently out of hand and it’s gonna have to go.

Verdict? Remove.


The Opportunist (Love Me with Lies #1)

the opportunistReading the synopsis of this one I feel absolutely no desire to read this book at all! Goodbye, stop clogging up my TBR!

Verdict? Remove.



Arsen: A Broken Love Story

arsenA love story about a cheat… Why is this on my TBR and who put it there? I mean it has great reviews, and sometimes the world just isn’t as black and white as we like to think it is, but I’m pretty sure I wont read this book!

Verdict? Remove.


Ruined (Ruined #1)

ruinedOh this sounds so good! So good in fact that I just bought the hardcover edition of it! You can probably see what my verdict on this book will be without me having to clarify but I will anyway haha! And I believe it is my first keep of this post! Woohoo!

Verdict? Keep.


Blood Song (Raven’s Shadow #1)

blood songThe synopsis sounds great, but it doesn’t have me searching through Amazon or BD to get myself a copy, nor does it really make me want to read it that much, but it does sound intriguing! The reviews are a little mixed for this one too…

Verdict? Remove.


Knight’s Shadow (Greatcoats #2)

knights shadowYes! I totally forgot about this book, I have no idea how! I remember reading the first book and I loved it, definitely need to get back into this trilogy, I feel another purchase coming on…

Verdict? Keep.


Saint’s Blood (Greatcoats #3)

saints bloodYou guys know how it is, when you read the first book and love it so much you automatically add the rest of the trilogy/series to your TBR and then totally forget about them for a year or so… Right? Haha! Third book in the Greatcoats trilogy, I shall obviously be keeping this one right where it is!

Verdict? Keep.


Haze (The Rephaim #2)

hazeAnother book where I’ve read the first and then abandoned the series, I seem to do this a lot more than I thought I did to be honest. Going through the synopsis I have definitely been reminded of the first book, reminded that while it was okay and fun, I didn’t want to continue with the series because there’s many more books I’d rather be reading!

Verdict? Remove.


There we have the fourth Down the TBR hole! There are a lot of removes in this one, any you think I should maybe give a chance to? Or do you agree with all of my choices this time around?


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