Top Ten Tuesday | Top Four Fantasy Books I’m Thankful For // Happy Thanksgiving In The US

Hey guys! This is the first Top Ten Tuesday I’ve participated in for a while, I used to do this every week and thought, why not start again? Hopefully I’ll be able to join in every week. I’ve only gone for four this time, instead of ten and I’ve put my own little spin on it too!

You can find out how to participate in Top Ten Tuesday over on The Broke and the Bookish.



Book Depository

I. Love. This. Book. Hands down Angelfall and the whole Penryn and the End of Days trilogy is one of my all time favourites, my go to books when I’m in a nasty reading slump, so I am very, very thankful to Susan EE for this trilogy, especially Angelfall.

City of Bones

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City of Bones and Cassandra Clare are one of the reasons I’m a book blogger. Well, The Mortal Instruments series is the one that got me into reading, without it, I may never have discovered my love of reading, therefore never becoming a book blogger. How could I not be thankful for this book/series?

Throne of Glass

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Throne of Glass has to be one of my most loved books, it’s not the greatest book in the world, but it’s the start of one of the best fantasy series I’ve read. Some people might say, “if you think this is one of the best fantasy series, you don’t read enough fantasy” and that’s fine, I know this series isn’t for everyone, but my love for the fantasy genre grew so much with these books, so I can’t not be thankful for them!

Red Rising

Red Rising
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A recent discovery that I’m hugely thankful for is Red Rising and the whole Red Rising series. Honestly I have no idea why it took me so long to eventually get round to reading these, but boy am I glad I did. I will recommend this book until the day I die.


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Top Four Fantasy Books I’m Thankful For // Happy Thanksgiving In The US”

  1. This is an awesome list! It’s been several years since I read The Mortal Instruments, but I’d also have to say it’s one of the series that got me into reading. I really want to read Red Rising and Throne of Glass (yes, I’m one of like, 12 people left on Earth to have not read ToG yet). I know SJM has her issues, but it sounds like a fantasy worth reading!

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    1. Thank you so much! oh yay, a few people have said the same, seems like a common series to get people into reading, I haven’t read them in ages too, would love to do a reread some time soon! Ohhh you should definitely read Red Rising, I think it’s such an underrated series and I never really see too many people talking about it, but it’s so sooo good :D. Throne of Glass is one that really sparked my love for fantasy so I would definitely recommend picking that up too!

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  2. i have issues with the thrones of glass series and acotar series as well but i’m thankful for reading them. tog was the first YA fantasy series i’ve read and i was so hooked after reading it it got me into fantasy which i’m so thankful for and the lunar chronicles got me into YA as a whole.

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