Down the TBR hole | 2

So, last week, maybe the week before, I decided to take part in Lia’s (Lost In A Story) tag/meme, Down the TBR hole. Anyway I had loads of fun going through all the books on my TBR list so it’s time for round two of down the TBR hole! You can check out all the information on how to join in on my first down the TBR hole post.

This week I’ll be going through 10 books from my TBR list, instead of 15 like last time. Here we go…


Mind Games (The Disillusionist #1)

MindGSo, I feel like I’ve read this book already, and no, not because it sounds like every other YA/Fantasy out there, I’m actually pretty sure I attempted to read this book at some point. Clearly I decided at the time I wasn’t into it and shoved it back on my TBR list (I do that sometimes, okay a lot.)

Verdict? Remove.

The Traitor Baru Cormorant (Baru Cormorant #1)

thetrThe reviews for this one look great, plus the synopsis has me wanting to pick this book up yesterday!

Verdict? Keep.

Breaking Her (Love is War #2)

breakinghAhh, so I do remember reading the first book, although I don’t remember all that much about it, I  know I definitely liked the first book. I cant really remember why I didn’t pick the second up, probably because I was waiting for it to be published and just forgot. Anyway, when I read a lot of fantasy (which is all the time) I like to break it up with contemporary and romance books!

Verdict? Keep.

When To Let Go

whentoAfter reading the synopsis (which doesn’t give anything away at all) I may have sneaked a little look at some of the reviews for this one. Generally I don’t let other people’s reviews make the end decision on whether I’ll read a book or not, but with so many amazing books out there that I need to read, I’m gonna let it sway me a little here.

Verdict? Remove.

Ruined (The Eternal Balance #1)

ruinedtheSounds like my kind of book! Isn’t it funny how we add books to our TBR’s and then don’t look at them for like two years? I’m always like ‘aaaaah my TBR is so long, I’ll be dead before I finish all the books’ and now I’m all like ‘well Jordan, maybe if you actually looked at your TBR once in a  and picked something from it, instead of, y’know, reading all the new releases as soon as they land on your doorstep’. Anyway…

Verdict? Keep.

Slumber (The Fade #1)

slumberI feel like this book is going to be full of typical YA tropes, I could be wrong, but from the synopsis I’d say I’m probably right, still… I’m a bit of a sucker for some tropes.

Verdict? Keep.

Semi-Charmed (Harper Hall Investigations #1)

semicharmedAfter reading the Charley Davidson novels (seriously check them out, so funny), I went on a bit of a mad hunt for something similar, enter Semi-Charmed, now obviously I haven’t read this book yet, otherwise it wouldn’t be on this list. But if it’s anything like the Charley Davidson books I just know I’m going to absolutely love it.

Verdict? Keep.

The Princess Bride

theprincessEh, I’ll probably never read this, this is the William Goldman version, just in case there’s another version that’s a classic and everyone starts to gather pitchforks, or y’know maybe this is a classic and I’ve just ruined my bookworm cred. Crap.

Verdict? Remove.

A Monster Calls

monstercallsGAH, okay, why haven’t I read this yet? No idea. Do I want to? Eventually yes, I want to. So, what’s stopping me? Are you sure you want me to tell you? Yes? Okay. I’ve read one novel by Patrick Ness and I didn’t like it. There you have it, it was The Rest of US Just Live Here and I found it kind of boring to be honest.

Verdict? Keep.

Last Stand (The Black Mage #4)

laststandReally enjoyed this series, read the first three books one after the other and thought they were great, can’t remember what star I gave them each but I know I liked them, then the dreaded wait for the fourth book began and I guess I forgot?

Verdict? Keep.


So, What do you think? I have a lot of keeps on this week’s post! Are there any here you don’t think I should keep/remove? Let me know!




1 thought on “Down the TBR hole | 2”

  1. Haha. I skipped the first section of the Princess bride. It’s some weird intro /story of how they read the story… was odd and boring. But the rest was pretty good.

    Also ruined looks interesting. So thanks for maybe making my tbr longer….. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

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