Book Tabbing. Yay or Nay?

Book tabbing is something I very recently started doing and let’s just say that I’m not doing it very well… Yet…

We’ll start at the beginning, shall we? After seeing quite a lot of people doing this and hearing how it’s helped them with writing reviews later down the line when they’ve finally found the time, or that it’s made it extremely easy for them to find their favourite parts in a book, I was sold. I thought “what a brilliant idea!” Because I am so bad at remembering things, a lot of the time I’ll forget minor background characters from the beginning of the book, but then near the end they become more than a minor background character and I’m sat there like, who the hell is this and where did they come from? Or I’ll forget little sections that my mind decided weren’t really relevant at the time and then suddenly it’s a huge part of the plot and I’m like WHAT. IS. HAPPENING. It’s like, when you read the second book in a series but you haven’t read the first book since it came out, and that was a year ago, and you have no idea who anyone is or what the hells going on and shits all over the place and you just wish you had reread the first book because, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!?  I find this happens to me a lot, I guess I just have a bad memory, maybe? Anyway, that’s why I was sold on booktabbing, because what an ingenious yet simple way to remember, right? Order some sticky tabs, create a reason for each coloured tab (for example pink for romance) and voila! You’re good to go!

Now here’s my problem with booktabbing, I have NO IDEA what I’m doing. I mean I know it’s supposed to be completely yours, its personal, your colours placed in places you think/want them to be, where you and only you think they should go, so there is no right or wrong way of doing it or at least there shouldn’t be, but I’ve noticed since booktabbing I’ve barely tabbed anything, maybe 3-6 tabs in each book. So, am I just currently reading a bunch of shitty books that I don’t care enough about? Am I doing something wrong when it comes to booktabbing? Maybe I’m thinking too much into where the tabs are placed? And also, if you’re a bookstagrammer, those little colourful tabs sticking out the sides of your books don’t always look aesthetically pleasing, which kind of sucks.

What I’ve realised writing this post is that at the end of the day booktabbing or writing in your books, however you do it, it’s supposed to be personal, it’s about what you think is important, the sentences that moved you, that tab indicates a part of the book that brought out some form of emotion in you, anger, joy or sadness, they’re all just as important as the next, because that’s what you felt at that point in time, reading that line or paragraph.

What are your thoughts on booktabbing? Do you do it, or have you tried it? What colours have you assigned to certain things and, most important, does it work?

1 thought on “Book Tabbing. Yay or Nay?”

  1. I think I’d get too wrapped up in the book to remember to tab anything! I’m assuming this is what the bookmark feature on my kindle could be used for but I’ve never actually used it….


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