After seeing many readathons taking place and not being able to participate due to timing or having to work, Rebecca (bookstagram) and myself decided to do our own, so welcome to the #24HMIDYEARMELTDOWN readathon. The readathon starts this Sunday @ 12pm BST and lasts for, obviously, 24 hours. Everyone is welcome to participate, you can choose to do the full 24 hours or part of it, and you can read as little or as much as you like. If you are joining in, we have a group chat over on Instagram (you can find me here) and we’ll all be giving updates on how we’re doing through Instagram stories and posts! In this blog post I’ll be sharing my TBR for the readathon, there will also be a follow up post on how I did over the 24 hours later!

So, what am I reading over the 24 hours? Well, I’ve chosen FIVE books, kind of ambitious I know, but I figured better to have enough reading material rather than not enough, right? Lets take a little look at what I plan to read shall we…



Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Umm, so I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret here, no, this is not a reread, I haven’t actually read any of the HP books yet, but shhh, don’t tell anyone. I’m starting them this Sunday so it’s fine 😉

This one is 332 pages, so I’m thinking I can have this one done and dusted by around the 3/4 hour mark? I could be way out in thinking that, I honestly have no idea how long it takes me to read a 332 page book, but I think I’m a pretty quick reader and 100 pages an hour isn’t a bad shout!





When We Collided has been sitting on my TBR shelf for some time now, in fact I’m pretty sure it’s been collecting dust since it came out. I’m not quite sure why I’ve never picked this one up yet, but I’ll finally be reading it this Sunday (so tomorrow).  At 337 pages this is my next smallest book on my TBR shelf (can you see a theme going on here?) and I plan to have this one done within around 4 hours too!

So, that’s probably around 10 hours (I’m human so, y’know, I have to eat) in to the 24 hours and I should hopefully have read two books.  Am I planning this too much? Meh, maybe, I mean it’s not like I have to stick to this plan right? And it’s not like I have to read the books in this order, but it’s nice to have a plan, I think 😀


FaceAhh, yet another book that’s been sat idly on my TBR shelf for too long, I remember I got this book from YALC 2016, so this has been waiting about a year for me to get round to it! I’m actually really looking forward to this one, it sounds like it’s going to be a heartbreaking, emotional read. Faceless is 343 pages and I’m hoping it will take around the same amount of time to finish as the two above, but we shall see!

This should take us to about 2am? Hopefully a little earlier, as I think I’ll take my first nap here. I’ve never done a readathon before so I have no idea if any of this is going to work at all, but I think it’s kind of interesting to note down my expectations and then put them against the reality of it all!






After my nap (I have no idea how long I’m going to nap for, knowing me I’ll probably sleep the whole night and Monday morning, but lets carry on shall we…) I’ll be starting The Sun is Also a Star, personally I wasn’t a huge fan of Nicola Yoon’s Everything, Everything but I have heard that TSIAAS is much, much better, so hopefully I’ll enjoy this one!

Let’s just say I nap for like an hour(ish). So let’s say I start this book at like 4am? At 344 pages it should take around 3/4 hours, so it’s like 8am? Yeah I’ll be taking another nap here, probably, if I’m even awake. Damn this is a hard thing to plan. Anyone else tried to plan a readathon? This shit is not easy :’)



Originally, it was my plan to stop here, I was only going to attempt four books, I thought it would give me more time to do other things like eat and sleep, if I had less to read. But the whole point of a readathon is to get as much reading done as possible, right? So if I manage to read all the books above and still have enough time to read some more, I’ll be starting THUG. The main reason this one wasn’t included in the original TBR is because of it’s size, it’s a good 100 pages bigger than all the others, but also because I’ve heard its super emotional and reading this book on little sleep will probably end me. Saving it for last probably isn’t the smartest idea, I’ll be at my most worn out at the end of the 24 hours, but… well… we’ll see how it goes!




There we have it, my #24HMIDYEARMELTDOWN TBR and basic plan for the day (and night). Have you ever participated in a readathone before? How did you do? Was it easy/hard? Any advice is welcome! Also don’t forget, if you want to join the readathon, just DM me on Bookstagram!


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