T5W – My Favourite Series And Why You Should Read Them.

Adventurers, it's Wednesday, so it's time for T5W! This meme is over on Goodreads if you'd like to get involved too! This week we've been given a freebie, and I've decided to share my top five favourite series and why you should read them (if you haven't yet). When I picked this as my topic,… Continue reading T5W – My Favourite Series And Why You Should Read Them.

Book Tag: This or That |The Torturous Edition

I've been looking for some fun book tags to do and I recently found this one, the This or That book tag, but the torturous edition! I believe this tag was originally made by Paper Fury. Lets get started shall we? Series or Standalone? Series. All of my favourite books are series, so I had… Continue reading Book Tag: This or That |The Torturous Edition

Let’s Chat – Reading Slumps

  Probably a book blogger/book lover's worst nightmare (apart from cracked spines and dog-eared pages) are reading slumps. There's nothing worse than staring at your ridiculously large TBR pile and coming to the sad conclusion that, while you really want to read, you just... can't seem to pick one up and get stuck in. None of… Continue reading Let’s Chat – Reading Slumps